Uganda – Solar powered Irrigation Equipment at Naro Agricultural Research and Development Institutes

The goal is to improve the productivity, production, and marketable volumes of specific agricultural commodities like maize, beans, rice, cassava, and coffee in specific geographical clusters.



To raise on-farm productivity, production and marketable volumes of selected agricultural commodities (maize, beans, rice, cassava and coffee) in specified, geographic clusters.

  • Uganda
  • Water Pump/Off-Grid
  • 30,2 kWp


Solar Powered Irrigation systems including water resevoirs and sprinkler and drip irrigation technologies. CAA has installed this on 7 ZARDIS in Uganda.

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Renewable energy is a symbol of a bright new future for Africa and for our planet. We aim to provide access to sustainable, high-quality energy systems and infrastructure across Sub-Saharan Africa.


Health Centers electrified


Schools electrified


Water Sites installed


Total Solar Systems installed

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