Liberia – Supply and Installation of solar powered off-grid DC ice machines for Resilience Programme in Liberia

UNOPS' Liberia Community Adaptation Project enhances climate resilience through capacity-building sessions, need assessments, and renewable energy solutions like solar-powered cold storage facilities.



UNOPS Improved Resilience through Community Adaptation Project. Both project locations are in Liberia. These informal communities were selected based on factors such as: vulnerability to potential climate change impacts, organized leadership, proximity with the coastline, and decentralization to ensure that communities within both Monrovia and Paynesville cities are beneficiaries. The project aims to respond and scaled the communities’ knowledge on climate adaptation gathered through the need assessment completed, and capacity-building session provided to both communities. This enabled community to work along with Cities Alliance in developing adaptation project proposals to help build their resilience to climate change impacts. The community’s proposals were screened to ascertain their rapid climate risk assessment and safeguard criteria under the Cities Alliance Community Upgrading Fund (CUF). For both communities, the highest-ranking option was solar-powered cold storage facility’s needs.
To ensure the climate resilience of both communities are improved, Cities Alliance identified some renewable energy (RE) solutions and assessed how feasible they are for implementation. The outcome of the assessment was split up per target community.

  • Liberia
  • Off-Grid System
  • 9,6 kWp


CAA supplied five (05) DC Ice Maker units and installed at a centralized location within the community.<

For King Gray, a total of two (2) solar-powered DC Chest freezers – minimum 160 litres, five (05) Solar-powered DC Chest freezers – minimum 350 litres and five (05) DC Ice Maker units and the associated off-grid solar power system unit(s) needed to power the freezers and ice makers are required to be supplied and installed at a centralised location/existing space/room.
The programme aims to:

  • Strengthen organization and meaningful participation of slum dwellers and working poor organizations in city governance, inclusive planning and responsive service delivery.
  • Improve climate resilient and inclusive urban planning, slum upgrading and incremental housing strategies with investments in the provision of community driven services and affordable housing.
  • Enhance the national enabling environment for resilient and inclusive urbanization benefitting economic growth, local governments, and the urban poor
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