Hungary – Supply of 250 Solar Street Lights for Venezuela

UNHCR improves refugee camps' environmental performance and resource efficacy by addressing electricity needs.



UNHCR runs many refugee camps all over the world. The refugee camp need, like any other location which hosts many people, electricity. UNHCR has planned to improve the environmental performance and resource efficency of the sites.

  • Hungary
  • Off-Grid System
  • 20 kWp


Solar powered street lights are a simple, scalable, cheap and environmental friendly part of the solution, which supports UNHCRs goal to boost environmental performance and ressource effiency. Solar street lights are close to maintenance free and only need a concrete foundation withhout the need of underground shafts for cables. Solar street lights can easily delivered to almost all locations and provide the people with a reliable and green light source that also increses the security of all people affected. The cost of running conventional street lights will not only increase monetary, but also environmentally, while solar street lights will achive a net positive impact in both areas.

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Renewable energy is a symbol of a bright new future for Africa and for our planet. We aim to provide access to sustainable, high-quality energy systems and infrastructure across Sub-Saharan Africa.

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