Ethiopia – Portable Solar Pumps for Farmers

Climate change causes Ethiopian droughts, impacting 28 million livelihoods, hindering central water station implementation.



Due to climate change, droughts have become more and more severe in the various regions of Ethiopia, endangering the livelihoods of over 28 million people. Most people in rural Ethiopia depent on livestock and agriculture, which both are affected heavily by droughts. The issue is, that small farms and plots are scattered, and one central station for water can therefore not be implemented

  • Ethiopia
  • Water Pump/Off-Grid
  • 12 kWp


UNDP and CAA contributed to a solution with portable solar water pump systems for farmers in order to reduce the issues caused by missing water. The systems can be easily transported via cars or even livestock to reach the scattered areas of application. The sytems can serve over 3,6m³ of water per hour to provide crops and livestock with water. The pump is tolerant of suspended solids in the water, which enables usage in shallow water holes, that have been dug. The portable system can be used in different locations which drastically increases the impact of one system.

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