Eswatini – Plug & Play Sytems for 7 facilities

UNICEF is supporting the construction and rehabilitation of schools, health, and WASH facilities to meet the growing demand for clean and reliable energy.



In the context of UNICEF support to construction and rehabilitation of schools, health and WASH facilities and in response to the increasing demand for clean and reliable energy to extend and enhance the services offered at those facilities

  • Africa
  • Off-Grid System
  • 70.5 kWp


Complete autonomous solar generation unit with energy storage based on lithium batteries, designed to supply clean and reliable energy for non grid areas in general, to be used for various purposes at primary health care facilities and/or educational establishments, such as lighting, sanitation and others uses related to the UNICEF supported activities.

Our main mission

Impact DriveN solar infrastructure solutions

Renewable energy is a symbol of a bright new future for Africa and for our planet. We aim to provide access to sustainable, high-quality energy systems and infrastructure across Sub-Saharan Africa.

CAA Energy map
SVG 3: Good health and well-being


Health Centers electrified
SVG 4: Quality Education


Schools electrified
SVG 6: Clean water and Sanitation


Water Sites installed
SVG 7: Affordable and Clean energy


Total Solar Systems installed

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