Denmark – Supply and Installation for Solar Systems for Health Centers in Zambia

Zambian healthcare facilities require sustainable, affordable solar energy solutions addressing geographical, social, and economic constraints.



The issue of limited and inconsistent access to electricity in healthcare facilities in Zambia, especially in remote areas, poses a critical challenge to the delivery of essential medical services, compromising patient care quality and endangering lives. Developing affordable, sustainable, and reliable solar energy solutions is crucial to addressing this problem, as it would ensure an uninterrupted power supply, enabling healthcare establishments to perform vital tasks such as lighting, vaccine refrigeration, and operating life-saving medical devices. The implementation of these solar energy solutions in Zambia must take into account the unique geographical, social, and economic constraints of the country, aiming to provide cost-effective and sustainable energy options for the improvement of the healthcare sector.

  • Denmark
  • Off-Grid System
  • 8,1 kWp


The collaborative efforts of CAA and UNDP within the Solar for Health Project funded by UNDP have led to the implementation of an off-grid solar system that effectively powers healthcare facilities in Zambia. This innovative solution provides a continuous supply of electricity to clinics, addressing the critical issue of limited and inconsistent access to power. Equipped with battery banks, the solar system ensures energy availability during nighttime hours, further enhancing the resilience of the healthcare sector. By harnessing sustainable and environmentally friendly solar energy, this partnership between CAA and UNDP contributes to improved patient care, life-saving medical services, and overall health outcomes in the country.

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