Comoros – Solar Hybrid System

Smart UN Facilities enhance local capacity and achieve UN goals through data insights, interconnected technologies, and sensors.



Smart UN Facilities
The concept of Smart UN Facilities revolves around using data insights and interconnected technologies
to transform UN Country Offices and related facilities into “smart” premises; in effect, local capacity to carry
out the UN’s goals is augmented.
This is rooted in two aspects, which are manifested in multiple technology systems provided by ITM:

  1. Fourth Industrial Revolution – the advent of connected technologies including robotics, the Internet
    of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles.
  2. Smart cities – utilization of sensors for data collection, insights, analysis, and subsequent
    enhancement of services.

In view of the benefits, it leads to make the first step in transitioning into a low-carbon and digital
organization through smart integration of various equipment. As it is depicted below, Figure 2 shows the
main technologies that set and establish the Smart UN Facilities including:
Figure 2 – Smart UN Facilities Framework

  • Smart Energy & Mobility
  • Smart Connectivity – ICT, Business Intelligence & AI
  • Smart Data & Internet of Things
  • Smart Security
  • Comoros
  • Hybrid System
  • 39,4 kWp


The main goal of the Smart Solar Hybrid System is to provide affordable green energy solutions for the UN smart facility as well as smart integrated services like security and adaptability. The hybrid setup will be based on Solar PV + Grid + Batteries + Generator. The Solar PV System is required to serve as the priority source of energy with the grid. In case of outages, the system will use the battery to meet the energy requirements for the critical loads. In case of very long outages the diesel generator, which will still need to run power to the rest of the compound, will be used to ensure to meet the energy requirements of the critical load. The battery will be optimized to charge on energy excess from the solar PV panels or from the generators. Whenever the diesel generator is required to meet the energy requirements, the goal is to optimize its usage in an efficient way where working load and batteries can be charged at the same time.

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Renewable energy is a symbol of a bright new future for Africa and for our planet. We aim to provide access to sustainable, high-quality energy systems and infrastructure across Sub-Saharan Africa.


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